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Swordfish Software Pty (Ltd) has acquired ownership of Quality Assessment Software – “CallDesk”

Swordfish Software Proprietary Limited (“Swordfish”) has acquired ownership of the dynamic Quality Assessment (QA) Software- “CallDesk” from Quality Specialist Hub Proprietary Limited.

CallDesk addresses the end-to-end QA needs, it found its origins in the debt collection call centres, but the application will extend to all QA needs in the contact centre environment. The solution is scalable and therefore, suitable from single users to corporate entities. CallDesk caters for customisable scorecards, random call identification, standardised reporting, queries, complaints and live dashboards. The measurement of individuals within a team and into a group is easy to report and displayed in dynamic performance dashboards. Calibration, coaching and training sessions are documented electronically with notifications to all concerned.

With more companies facing a new reality of having agents working from home, the importance of remote management is evident. At present, physical interaction between humans is a frowned upon and in most cases prohibited, the situation is unlikely to change significantly soon, businesses need to adapt to survive.

Swordfish identified CallDesk as a strategic addition to the Swordfish suite of products. As such, Swordfish and CallDesk shareholders started exploring a partnership in January 2020.

Jacques Lubbe with Kekeletso Ramone at the conclusion of the transaction.

Jacques Lubbe (CEO -Swordfish) with Kekeletso Ramone (MD- Quality Specialist Hub) at the conclusion of the transaction.

Jacques Lubbe (CEO -Swordfish): “We identified the need for state-of-the-art QA software a while ago and when the opportunity presented itself to firstly full integrate with CallDesk and later on acquire the software it was a strategic transaction which aligned with our vision. The fact that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19 and the measures imposed by the South African government to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have changed our landscape permanently supports the decision to address the importance of quality assessment, even more so the ability to manage the process with no face-to-face interaction required. We are excited to integrate CallDesk and offer the capability to Swordfish’s existing and prospective clients that value superior quality assessments in their environment.”