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Assess your contact centre agents


Schedule coaching sessions


Monitor and resolve complaints

About CallDesk

CallDesk Quality Assessment Software is a quality assessment and coaching tool.
It is a valuable solution to managing the effectiveness of your contact centre and other departments within your company. View various reports, summaries, and graphs. These will assist management with identifying contact centre agents’ strengths and achievements and areas or opportunities requiring improvement or development.

CallDesk Quality Assessment Software Features

Assess your contact centre agents

Assess your contact centre agents’ performance on a scorecard when listening to their voice recording interactions with your customers.

The results of these assessments will identify the agent’s strengths and areas of improvement and will assist the agent with self-improvement and growth.

Create new scorecards and choose scorecard campaigns, upload voice recordings or search for voice files and send an optional e-mail to the agent of their scores.

Schedule coaching sessions

Schedule coaching sessions to assist contact centre agents who need to focus on areas of improvement.

These coaching sessions will help agents to gain the necessary knowledge and techniques to overcome these challenges and perform within or beyond what is required.

View confirmed, active and completed coaching sessions. Create follow up coaching sessions and send electronic copies automatically.


Monitor and resolve complaints

Monitor and resolve complaints efficiently and effectively to provide positive customer experiences.

Transfer incoming mails to new or existing complaints or create them manually. Upload documents, create system notes, send e-mails, capture phone call details, and escalate complaints to management.

Stay informed with various reports, graphs and stats

Stay informed with various reports, graphs, and stats regarding your contact centre agents and quality assurance professionals. Reports are also available for departments, scorecards, coaching sessions, and compliments & complaints.

View statistics on the dashboard as well as on the quality assurance professional- and agent profiles.


More CallDesk Features

CallDesk is user friendly, online, customisable, and secure. Here are some more reasons why we think you will love CallDesk:

User friendly

CallDesk is user friendly and easy to use. There is also a help manual available to assist you.

Create custom assessment questions

Create custom assessment questions and add weights to each one to prioritize them according to importance.

Create quality assurance professionals

Create quality assurance professionals, assign permissions to them and view their statistics.

Customise labels and drop-down menus

Customise labels and drop-down menus to suit your company’s needs.


Our dedicated team provides support to assist you with any of your queries.

Create campaigns

Create campaigns to include only specific questions and add quality assurance professionals to the campaign.

Create contact centre agents

Create contact centre agents and view their statistics.

Create departments

Create departments and assign agents to them.


CallDesk can integrate with Swordfish and Teleforge.

See what CallDesk’s customers are saying

“I’m so pleased that we have the opportunity to use CallDesk as our trusted quality assessment and coaching tool.
Within the first month of using CallDesk, we saw improvements in Quality monitoring, overall productivity and real time feedback to agents & managers. This amazing software makes it easy to implement reporting, coaching and training facilitation.
The system is innovative, very adaptable, straightforward and easy to learn. It can be customized to suit any contact Centre environment.

We have enjoyed using CallDesk and would recommend to any contact center.”

Quality Assurance Manager, Groenewald Lubbe National Debt Collection Lawyers

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